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Waxing Services

Please note: All shaving must be stopped 10-14 days prior to waxing service in order for adequate hair removal. Hair must have a length of 1/4 inch. Also, please inform us if you are using alpha or beta hydroxy acid or accutane.

Waxing Services Starting from…
Lip $8
Brow Maintenance $10
Brow Reshaping/Spa Brow Wax $15
Chin $9
Nostril $8
Full Face
(from eyes down)
Underarm $25
Forearm $30
Full Arm $40
Bikini $30
(1st visit)
(4 week maintenance)
Lower Leg
(knee down)
Full Leg
(no bikini)
Men’s Back $40
Men’s Chest $40
Men’s Brow Shaping $8
Men’s Neck $10
Men’s Ear $10

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