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Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics

A fabulous way to minimize your time spent getting ready every morning. These safe, effective procedures will have you looking great from morning to night.

Our non-surgical implantation of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin is done by our licensed nurse, an LPN and AIIC Certified Master in micro-pigmentation for eyes and lips. The idea is the same as that used for tattooing. The initial procedure includes two applications to assure the longevity of the implanted color and to allow for minor changes during the second application. The second application is required within 90 days of the initial application. Topical anesthetics are used throughout the treatment for comfort.

There are many different looks that can be obtained to enhance your natural beauty. Personal Cosmetics can be customized to your desired look. Eyeliner can be thick or thin, defined or softly smudged and can be shaped to enhance the natural contour of your eye. Eyebrows can be a soft fuller hair stroke, or a thin natural hair stroke in an effort to make them very natural and not drawn on; two different colors can be used to create even more of a natural look. Lip liner or full lip color can be a soft natural tint or a more vibrant color.

Consultation (recommended)
$ 25.00

At the time of the consultation, we will obtain your medical history, review consents, provide post care instructions and discuss color and style alternative. This fee is applied towards your permanent cosmetic application.You can fill out the form when you arrive, or download the Consent Form (PDF) to print and complete at your convenience.You may also wish to download the Post-Op Guidelines (PDF) Permanent Cosmetics.
Initial application also includes one touch-up (within 90 days) Touch-Up.

Permanent Cosmetics  Initial  Touchup
(starting from…)
 Eye Liner (upper & lower)  $345  $200
 Eye Liner (upper)  $250  $175
 Eye Liner (lower)  $225  $150
 Additional: Dramatic Eyeliner  $60
Additional: Eye Liner Accents  $60
 Eyebrows  $345  $200
 Lip Liner  $325  $200
 Full Lips  $495  $350
 Color Correction  Consultation

Paramedical Services of scar camouflage, vitiligo, and areola repair/design per consultation.


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